Acharavi Beach
Ionian Islands | Greece

1. Nice beach at the north part of Corfu (Kerkura) September 3, 2011 13:46

Acharavi Beach is at the north part of Corfu (Kerkura is the islands greek name) about an hour drive from the main city of the island. The beach has small pebbles, which means that the sand doesn’t stick to your feet, but sometimes it might be a bit difficult for some people to get in/out of the sea barefoot. A few meters after you get into the sea, the pebbles give their place to thin sand which is responsible for the turquoise colour of the water! The water is quite shallow and chilly as most of the beaches on the island and can get windy and wavy some days. In such a case you can always visit the nearby Kalamaki or Agios Spyridon beaches which are well protected from the waves. The beach is well organized with umbrellas and sunbeds to rent, restaurants and snack bars and choices for water sports. In general, it is a very nice beach that you should visit once on the island with many things to do in the nearby Acharavi village.