Little Wategoes
New South Wales | Australia

1. Little Gem April 28, 2011 09:20

Just around the corner from Wategoes, as the title states... the teeny bay sits snug as a bug at the base of the headland.
Little Wategoes [LW] is even more of a quiet haven than it’s neighbour. It’s overlooked by the Lighthouse above and is an even better spot for catching whale sightings.
I will always remember a visit to LW to test out the fishing skills resulted in some of the most amazing sightings of whales, possibly the most perfect day ever.
As mentioned, this is a brilliant place for a spot of fishing off the rocks. Do be careful though, asides from the rocks being dangerous alone, the tide will come in thick and fast!
If fishing isn’t for you, there is a small patch of sanded area that you can chill on. But when the tide is in, the sand disappears leaving only the pebbled area free for laying on.
To get to LW, you can run round the headland from neighbouring Wategoes as the bays join together when the tide is fully out. When the tide is in however, you can take the walk up around the headland. Be prepared for plenty steps to climb, but the views through the trees are worth the muscle work!