YaLong Bay
Hainan | China

1. The best beach in China July 13, 2011 22:52

Yalong Bay is the most famous beach in China.The sand is white and fine. It is in the south of China where there is only one season ,it is typical tropical weather. It is the longest beach in China ,nearly 8 km .If you want to go there, the best time is between Aug to Dec.the average degree is 25 and you can go to "remote places " which is the most famous travel spot for cuples. It's only $2 for bus fee.

2. A Tropical Paradise April 21, 2011 00:12

Yalong Bay, who likes a spoiled child by the nature has all the amazing things----clean water,fresh air,breeze and wonderful scenery and I realy enjoy them there. It lets me cool down and feel very comfortable in the hot summer.

3. A Tropical Paradise April 20, 2011 23:59

It lies on about 18 degrees north latitude,the samilar with Hawaii and the same weather.It is quite a long beach for about 8km.The sand is very tiny.The facilities are perfect,there are hotels nearby,carpaking available, by many shops and restrants you can buy or eat whatever you want. If you want be in the shade, the sunumbrellas are available but they are not free. PS: You'd better go there at low season because there are always lots of people in China.

4. YaLong Bay April 20, 2011 23:42

YaLong Bay is most famous beach in China.Its water is clear and colour is skyblue,there are many resteround around here.You can play football and beachmotto.Its best choose for your holidays.