Kalogria Beach
Peloponnese | Greece

1. A great beach but... September 3, 2011 14:01

Kalogria is definitely the most organised beach in the area. There is everything one could ask for, the beach is beautiful, there is nice golden sand and the water has ideal temperature. But there are two downsides which prevent me from rating with 5 stars. One, it is too crowded and sometimes you might not find a place to sit, and, second, there are too many people playing beach tennis and volleyball that gets really disturbing for the rest of us when you are hit by a tennis or volley ball out of nowhere! But a great beach overall that you must visit if you are traveling in the area!

2. Best Beach Experience July 26, 2011 12:47

What are u looking for when visiting a beach?
1.Some Sunbeds with umbrellas
2.A Beach bar:
2a to have sth to eat
2b to chill with ur mohito and enjoy the sunset
2c to play tavli with ur friends
3.Area to play beach tennis and volleyball
4.WC and showers
5.Close to ur hotel or for nature lovers a proper-living camping

So guess what...by visiting Kalogria beach u cover everything. Its the must thing to do when visiting Messinia.