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1. Kalikovrehtis and Faflagos beaches December 18, 2010 16:45

Faflagos is located 89km southeast of Iraklion, near the village Arvi. It is a small seaside settlement at the exit of a small valley, which is crossed by the river Blavaris, which has no water in summer. In front of the village, stretches a very long shore with beautiful and tranquil beaches. Nearby, there are many greenhouses with crops of bananas and fresh vegetables.

The first beach in front of the village is Faflagkos and has coarse gray sand. Do not expect to find anything here except a few rooms and some trees on the beach.

If you walk westwards you will find a more tranquil beach next to many greenhouses, which locals call Kalikovrechtis. It is a beach with rocks and marbles, which, however, every few years (approximately 1 in 10) has sand.