Crete | Greece

1. Hiona love! December 20, 2010 12:54

Chiona is located 91 km east of Agios Nikolaos and 22km east of Sitia, 2km east of Palekastro.

It is a nice sandy beach with whitish sand and shallow blue waters. The beach is not too long, but is renowned for its beauty and tranquility. Here you can have a perfect day, especially if you combine your visit in Chiona with eating at the famous local fish taverns. There are also some small coves on the west of Chiona, where you can find a quiet place to swim alone and nude. The beach is unorganised but there are some tamarisk trees along the coast, offering shade.

Opposite of Chiona you will see the small islands Grandes. Moreover, in the position Roussolakkos you can visit the remains of an ancient Minoan port. North of Chiona, you will meet the long beach of Kouremenos, very famous to windsurfers, that exploit the very strong winds of the area..