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1. Karoumes December 20, 2010 12:53

Karoumes beach is located 110km east of Agios Nikolaos and 29km southeast of Sitia. It is formed at the exit of the beautiful gorge of Chochlakia, which is worth visiting.

Access to the beach can be done only by walking in the gorge, since the rugged terrain of the area has kept off the roads. Thus, in order to come here you should leave your car in the picturesque village of Chochlakia and follow the trail that starts 1km east of the village. The gorge is 3.5km long and has water till summer. The walk usually takes 1.5 hours (in very low tempo), but the canyon is inaccessible in winter. The path along the river is breathtaking, as the gorge with its towering cliffs maneuvers through the bare mountains. In the route you meet several ponds (in spring) and a huge variety of plants. Near the exit, the high surrounding walls turn to a little valley.