Ierapetra beaches
Crete | Greece

1. Ierapetra December 20, 2010 12:40

Ierapetra is located 35km southeast of Agios Nikolaos and is the southernmost city of Greece. It is built on one of the warmest areas of Crete, which makes it very popular for holidays, even until the end of autumn. The wider area of Ierapetra is famous for its beaches, stretching along a vast beachfront. Almost all of them are covered by the characteristic fine black pebbles, which do not stick in the leg, and the sea is usually flat.

Adjacent to the town there are three main beaches where you can swim. Starting from the west, the first beach is the West Beach of Ierapetra. It is located in the heart of the city and is the most organized in the region. The beach has soft sand, shallow waters and is usually crowded. Of course, here you will find anything you desire, since the city is nearby. Moreover, there is a channel in the middle of the beach, that stops in a small artificial salt lake.
After walking a few meters to the east, you will find the Fort of Kales, protecting the harbor of Ierapetra. Just next to it, is the South Beach of Ierapetra, a sandy beach with shallow waters. It is very well organized and has many facilities for water sports and scuba diving.
Keeping walking, you’ll pass the coastal road with its many cafes and restaurants. Just after the coastal road, close to the church of Agia Fotini, starts the longest beach of the city. The East Beach of Saint Andrew stretches for 4km to the east. In the beginning, you’ll find the well organized municipal beach and many big hotels. From there, as you head eastwards, the beach becomes more secluded. However, it is not appropriate for nudists, because the main road linking the city with Makrigialos and Sitia runs along the shore. The beach close to the city centre is sandy, but as you head to the east sand turns to small grayish pebbles and rocks in places.