Crete | Greece

1. Mirtos December 20, 2010 12:39

Myrtos is located 13km west of Ierapetra, in the output of a wide valley filled with greenhouses and citrus groves, crossed by the River Kryos. It is a small seaside village, which has experienced a mild form of development in recent years, which fortunately has not altered its traditional style. The village is built on the exit of the imposing Sarakina Gorge, which is worth visiting.

The nice beaches of Myrtos, with the coarse gray sand that doesn’t stick on the body, have gained fans from all over the world. Myrtos has several small hotels, bars, cafes, restaurants, super markets, a gas station, a clinic, etc. There are no banks, but Ierapetra is not far and is accessible by bus.

The beach in front of the village extends to a long distance and is among the finest in southern Crete, which is particularly preferred for family vacations. The area is not affected by strong winds and locals say that Myrtos is the place where it never blows. The beach is well organized with lifeguard, umbrellas, showers, changing rooms, cafes, restaurants, water sports and beach volley. If you head west, the width of the beach grows and it becomes more peaceful. Similarly, if you head to the east you will meet the beach of the nearby village Neos Myrtos, that is more secluded, but the pebbles become coarse.