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1. Milatos beaches December 20, 2010 13:14

Milatos is located 34km north of Agios Nikolaos and 16km east of Hersonissos, on the western outskirts of Mirabello prefecture. It is a touristic village, which has retained many of its traditional features. 1km on the north you’ll meet the seaside settlement called Beach of Milatos (in Greek: Paralia Milatou). The area is famous for the cave located close to the village, where in 1823 a large number of locals moved in the cave to escape from the Turks, but they massacred many of them after 15 days. Today, Milatos is touristically developed and hosts an important fishing harbor. The surrounding area is full with large olive groves and the coast is full of small rocky coves. Among them there are several beaches where you can swim.