Vathianos Kambos (Arina)
Crete | Greece

1. The most popular beach of Heraklion December 20, 2010 07:20

Vathianos Kambos is a popular tourist resort located 15km east of Heraklion. It is named after the village Vathia, located a few kilometers southern. Vathianos River empties in the area, but it gets dry on the summer.

The area has several adjacent coves with gold sand and shallow waters. Because the beach front is facing north, waves are quite common. That's why in some places you will see several small piers, breaking the waves.

The most organized beach of Heraklion is located in the westernmost part of Vathianos Kambos and is called Arina. It is a long sandy beach, where thousands of locals gather daily to enjoy swimming and… crowds! It is full of umbrellas, beach bars and offers many options for beach sports.