Kokkinos Pirgos
Crete | Greece

1. Tymbaki beaches December 19, 2010 20:16

Kokkinos Pirgos (i.e. Red Tower) is located 67km west of Heraklion and close to the town of Tymbaki. The name is taken after the tower that was there and was built with reddish soil. The purpose of this tower at this point is still unknown. It is the seaside village of Timbaki, home of the port of the region and developed touristically. In Kokkinos Pirgos you will find many hotels, rooms, restaurants and cafes. The climate of the region is warm, which is indicated by the many greenhouses of fresh vegetables.

In front of the village, there is a very long sandy beach, which starts extends for several kilometers to the east, till Kommos. This huge beach hosts several sea turtles (Caretta caretta), which nest their eggs here in the summer. The turtles and the nests are protected by voluntary organizations. The beach of Kokkinos Pirgos is open to the west winds. It starts on the east from the wire-fence of the military airport of Timbaki and runs to the west, till Agia Galini.