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1. Komos December 19, 2010 20:14

Kommos (or Komos) is located 66km southwest of Heraklion, just 2km north of Matala and close the seaside settlement of Kalamaki. It is actually the southernmost and the most isolated part of the huge beachfront of Mesara Bay. Kommos was once the port of Phaestus, so you can still see the ruins of the town, near the beach. You can access Kommos by driving in the road heading to Matala, till you see a sign to Kommos.

The whole beachfront of Mesara is exposed to westerly winds, which mostly blow in the area. Thus, caution is needed because the seabed is covered by a rocky layer, not just sand. The protected sea turtles Caretta caretta nest in the sand of the beach, from May to September.