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1. Near Tsoutsouras December 19, 2010 19:52

Dermatos is located 64km southeast of Heraklion and 4km east of Tsoutsouras. It is formed in a small valley on the western banks of the river Anapodaris. Traces of a Minoan settlement have been found in the area.

Dermatos is a stunning beach with pebbles and sand, perfect for relaxation and staying remote. All around there is nothing other than olive groves and tamarisks on the beach. The sea water is relatively shallow and has a wonderful blue color. It is a favorite destination of campers and nudists, because it is very quiet, but still very close to the well-developed Tsoutsouras.

To access the beach, follow the paved road that starts from Tsoutsouras and heads westwards to Keratokambos. The road runs aside the beach.