Souda (Plakias)
Crete | Greece

1. Souda bay December 19, 2010 19:28

Souda is located 41km southwest of Rethymno city, just 3km east of the resort of Plakias. Don’t confuse it with the Souda Bay, located near Chania city. It is actually the last beach of the vast beachfront of Plakias, called Yialia, which starts at Shinaria, several kilometers away. Unlike the true meaning of the name (the Latin word suda means narrow passage), the bay of Souda is quite large.

Souda is located at the exit of a small green valley that is run by a small river, which has water all year round. Along the river and in several places of the area, there are colonies of the native Cretan palm trees of Theophrastus, making Souda one of the most important natural reserves for the species.

In front of this magnificent scenery, a beautiful beach with sand is stretched, loved by all visitors. This love often turns to hatred, when the winds blowing in the area raise the sand and sandblasts the swimmers.

Today’s landscape does not remind anything of the secluded paradise of 90s, when a narrow dirt track lead here, running along a rocky shore and you could find only a few nudists on the beach. The nudists insist on coming, but do not feel as comfortable as before. Today the road is paved and the beach is organized. There are umbrellas and showers, while the area has several taverns and rooms. The beach sides are rocky, being ideal for fishing and snorkeling. Above the rocks of the east side, on the main road, there are several benches overlooking the vast Libyan Sea and Souda.