Rodakino beaches
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1. Korakas beaches December 19, 2010 19:29

The village Rodakino is located 45km southeast of Rethymno city, on the exit of a steep canyon that runs across the mountain Kryoneritis, a few kilometers west of Plakias resort and east of Fragokastelo. This traditional village is built on both sides of the gorge, which separates it into two sub-villages, namely Kato and Ano Rodakino. The village overlooks the deep blue Libyan Sea. The village's name means peach in Greek, taken after a peach tree that grew here, despite the dry climate of the region. Others say that the gorge was called Rikinthos, that was later paraphrased to Rodakino.

At the exit of the river that runs in the canyon, 2km south of the village, there are many beautiful and tranquil beaches. To visit them you should take the road that leads to Korakas. Despite the fact that it has a great beachfront, Rodakino is not highly developed and still retains its traditional character and harmony.

The first beach that you come across the exit of the dried river is Korakas (i.e. crow in Greek). It is a long beach with fine grayish pebbles and wonderfully clear waters, well organized with umbrellas, taverns and some rooms to rent. In its east end, there are cavernous rocks. Locals say that before getting eroded they looked like a crow’s beak.