Keramiani Gialia
Crete | Greece

1. Kerames beaches December 19, 2010 19:23

The village Kerames is located 49km south of Rethymno, close to the village Agalianos. South of the village are many beautiful beaches, with the most famous being the beaches of Akoumiani Gialia, namely Ligres, Triopetra and St. Paul sandhills. The beachfront north of Akoumiani Gialia is called Keramiani Gialia, meaning Keramean Beach, named after the nearby village.

The poor asphalt road that leads to Keramiani Gialia stops near the local harbor of Agia Fotini, also known as Agia Fotia. Agia Fotia has some stunning tiny pebbly beaches, ideal for snorkeling and swimming. These are surrounded by marvellous huge rocks. The traditional tavern of Stavros, built on an old carob repository, serves fresh fish near the harbor and you can find some rooms to stay there. It's an amazing place, reminding of Greek islands of the old '60s. The tavern offers some umbrellas and showers for free. There is a small river near Agia Fotia, that forms a small green forest. If you follow the path that heads north, along the river, you will meet an incredibly high palm tree and after 50m you will find the old church of Agia Fotini, near a small house with a nice garden. If you walk 5' west of the tavern, along the rocky shore, you will meet another small pebbly beach.