Crete | Greece

1. Kalives near Chania December 19, 2010 11:27

Kalives is a seaside resort located 19km west of Chania, on the southern coast of Souda Bay. This small village is built on a fertile green valley, where three rivers flow. The village's name (i.e. “Huts” in Greece) seems to come from the huts that were built by farmers in their fields, to spend the summer nights.

At the exit of the river Kiliaris, 1km north of Kalives, is the tranquil beach of Kiani Akti. Near the village, on its east side, flow the rivers of Xidas and Mesopotamos. Moreover, the many springs that gush inside the sea, combined with the rivers, decrease the sea temperature.

East and west of the river Xidas, two sandy beaches with shallow waters are shaped, which are open to north winds. Xidas and Maistrali, as they are called respectively, are very well organized and all common tourist facilities and services are provided there. In the exit of Xidas river there is a beautiful small bridge which connects the two beaches. The picturesque harbour of Kalives is located next to Maistrali.