Nea Chora
Crete | Greece

1. Nea Hora in Chania December 19, 2010 11:19

Nea Chora is a very long sandy beach, located 1km west of Chania city center, along the Akti Papanikoli Street. You can walk to here from Chania harbor,since it takes around 15 minutes.

The main beach of Nea Chora is very well organised, with several amenities nearby. It is a nice sandy beach, with rocks in some places. Nea Chora is ideal for those that do not want to leave the city centre. Beyond the east side of the beach, there is the old soap factory (you can still see it's high chimney) and the natatorium of Chania. Nea Chora is popular to locals for it's fish taverns. Of course, there are many taverns, restaurants, snack bars and cafes in the area.