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1. Rodopos beaches December 19, 2010 08:16

Afrata is a small village, located 3.5km north of Kolymbari and 28km west of Chania, at Cape Rodopos. The small lovely beach of Afrata is shaped 1km east of the village, inside a well protected calm bay.

The beach is pebbly and has nice water colors. It is primarily preferred by local residents, as it is not affected by the winds blowing in the area. The wild beauty of Rodopos Cape, combined with the scenic calmness of the sea and the picturesque village, makes Afrata an ideal choice for quiet holidays. On the beach there is a small canteen from where you can buy water and food. There are some umbrellas and tamarisk trees, offering shade.

The road from Kolimbari is asphalt, but be careful because it is narrow. After the village, follow the road that heads to the beach through a beautiful gorge.