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1. The secluded beach of Ilingas December 18, 2010 12:47

Iligas is an amazing turquoise-water sandy beach, 1km west of Chora Sfakion and 74km south of Chania. Iligas is located at the end of Kavi Gorge, that starts from Anopolis. There are two beaches, separated with a big cavy rock.

The main one is bigger and can be accessed by walking a short distance from the main road of Sfakia-Anopolis. The second one that is east of the former can be accessed only by boat or by swimming from the main beach.
There is one small taverna with rooms to let near Iligas beach, biut there are moer amenities in Chora Sfakion.

Iligas is one of the nicest accessible beaches of south Crete. There are many caves, in which you can keep yourself in shadow. It's quite easy to access and is close to Sfakia, so you can visit that by walking from Sfakia (taking 10-15 min).