South Melbourne beach
Victoria | Australia

1. Good for catching some sun, but... December 12, 2010 10:33

The very good things, it's sun and sand, and it is like 15min tram from the center. The water is not too cold because it is the bay, but it is not very clean. There is also possibility to have some BBQ, as public ones are literally 20 m from the sand (close to the saint kilda sea baths),

2. Great beach for sport activities December 12, 2010 01:59

South Melbourne beach is located in Albert Park. It is ideal for various sporting activities. There are many beach volley courts set up. Sessions, tournaments and casual games run through all week.

The west part of the beach is the spot for many of Melbourne's kite surfers. Quite a few people play Frisbee and there are pathways exclusive for jogging and cycling.

Many restaurants and bars can be found next to the beach. "The Beach" bar/restaurant, offers an inspired name but also a good selection of dishes and drinks.

The water quality is not very good though. For me, this is the only (but important) drawback of South Melbourne beach. If you like swimming you'd better go to St Kilda beach or drive outside Melbourne.