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1. Proper Beach to visit Xi Beach

I ve been there 5-6 times and I really enjoy being there. Its near by Lixouri.

Most of summer times is crowded and there are 2 Big Beach Bars who cover all your needs.

The beach is surrounded by clay rocks and you can get a piece off to cover your body.

2. This beach is a reason to visit Greece Myrtos

This beach is one of the few in Ionian Islands that people definitely visit. It has the typical characterstics of green environment with white sand and tirquoise waters. Due to its location, the water is wavy.
Warning for women who enjoy getting tanned: The white colour of the sand reflects the sunlight and you might get sunburns if you are not careful

3. I m <3 it Jumeira Beach Park

I ve been there and I wanted to share my pictures. I agree with the previous comment, that this beach is the best one I ve visited in UAE regarding to its facilities.

Im not quite sure about nudism tbh

4. Best Beach Experience Kalogria Beach

What are u looking for when visiting a beach?
1.Some Sunbeds with umbrellas
2.A Beach bar:
2a to have sth to eat
2b to chill with ur mohito and enjoy the sunset
2c to play tavli with ur friends
3.Area to play beach tennis and volleyball
4.WC and showers
5.Close to ur hotel or for nature lovers a proper-living camping

So guess visiting Kalogria beach u cover everything. Its the must thing to do when visiting Messinia.

5. Most Popular Beach in Santorini Perivolos Beach

Maybe not the best beach in the world, Perivolos Beach covers though all the attractions that tourists want. The coast area is long enough and it has great facilities for kids and families. You can also have lunch or dinner in tavernas for traditional meals and beach bars for day clubbing (JoJo and Chilli Beach Bars!plus Spacious Park Area!