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1. Lakes&Waterfalls Polilimnio

In the municipality of Voufrada, 32 kilometres away from Kalamata there is the canyon of Polilimnio with its lakes and waterfalls. Crossing a small path for 5 minutes and passing through dense vegetation and picturesque wooden bridges you will find yourselves in a secret paradise made of small lakes and waterfalls, surrounded by olive groves and vineyards. 15 lakes with different strange names such as Mavrolimna, Kadi, Kadoula, Lucky’s, Italian’s, Panagos’s, Stathoula’s, well hidden for many years, have become known to the public only recently and opened to visits of nature’s friends.

2. Like a private beach... Kalamaki

It is the perfect place if you need peace of mind and total privacy even in the busiest days of august.

3. VOIDOKILIA (Βοϊδοκοιλιά) Beach Voidokilia Beach

VOIDOKILIA (Βοϊδοκοιλιά) Beach, Bay, Curve or Cove is not only one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, but maybe also in the Mediterranean Sea.

The sheltered bay is referred to in Homer's Odyssey and archaeologists believe it was used by King Nestor as a port in ancient times.
Situated at 12 km from the city of Pylos (in the north of the Navarino bay), you reach from the village of Petrochori.

The curve of Voidokilia seems to be traced with a compass like a giant Greek omega (the name means "cow's belly"), from the two rocky promontories that define the entrance of it. It is surrounded by a magnificent beach of light, fine sand, protected by the wind, and the crystalline beach invite somone to go swimming.

Voidokilia is hidden behind sand dunes, which seem to be protecting its secret of magic beauty. The beach of outstanding beauty lies beneath the Old Frankish castle (Paliokastro) and the cave of King Nestor, the ancient King of Pylos, who according to legend, used this cave as a haven for his cattle. Taking the path up from Voidokilia to the Old Navarino castle you will enjoy the wonderful panorama that unfolds in front of you: the Divari lagoon of Gialova, Navarino Bay and the Peloponnesian hills covered with olive trees.

From Voidokilia beach you can pass onto the lagoon of Gialova through a natural path to observe the lagoon’s bird life, and the fascinating world of one of Europe’s most important wetlands.

Voidokilia Bay has been recognised officially as a landscape of exceptional natural beauty by the Greek government, and is one of the most captivating spots in Greece.

No other geological formation like it exists elsewhere. The area is considered of archaeological interest, so it has remained intact by civilization.

This coastline and the wetlands of Divari lagoon of Gialova (or Osman Aga lagoon) has been designated as a European Ecological Natura 2000 Site.

4. Fakistra Beach Pelion Fakistra Beach

The pure sandy beach of Fakistra is a fabulous place, isolated by two rocky capes, forming a lovely turquoise creek. On this real paradisiacal place are the remains of the old Paleokastro.