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1. Jimbaran Jimbaran Beach

Jimbaran is an ultra long beach; it looks endless! This practically means you need to pay three visits : southern, middle and northern part.
The beach is sandy and mostly protected by the big balinese waves. Lots of people swim there, big percentage of which is locals. The waters are not really deep, the scenery is beautiful - especially early in the evening.
It is in southern Jimbaran that I had one of the best dinners of my life, delicious seafood, grilled over coconuts, served practically on the beach, overlooking the Indian ocean. If there is one thing I recommend to everyone coming to Bali to do, is to come and dine here. Best value for money I have ever gotten.

Niko Lucky
2. Swim with a view! Red Beach

True, this is not really the beach to lie around and play volleyball, but once you swim out about 15 m from the beach, the view of the rocks is priceless. As with every beach on Santorini, find out what the wind is like before geting there; otherwise you 'll just have to walk through seaweed to get in!

Niko Lucky